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Keep Everyone Safe with Reliable Access Control Systems

Access control systems are like a 24/7 security guard for your business. Your access control system keeps your building safe around the clock with keyless entry, easy monitoring and peace of mind. Simmons Computer Solutions builds access control systems around your needs—not a product—for the safety of your employees, customers and property.

Customized access controls are easy to use and can be as basic or advanced as you need. Your digital security system lets you smoothly grant access to certain areas and not worry about keeping track of keys over time.

With a quick scan of your keycard, you’re in! You’re also able to watch over your property, turn off access or use facial recognition for an extra layer of protection. And if you ever have a concern, just review past footage to see exactly what happened.

Our Access Controls System Services Include:

  • Door security
  • Storage security
  • Security access within buildings
  • Security cameras and AI facial recognition

SCS doesn’t just sell access control systems, we build them to perfectly match your building’s layout and safety concerns. Whether you need a basic keycard scanner or a full security and camera system, our team works to create the perfect solution for you.

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Sierra Jade
Sierra Jade
They are amazing!
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Violet M
Most knowledgeable and reputable IT support I have ever used I definitely encorage everyone to support this local small business !!
Eva Gilliland
Eva Gilliland
Highly impressed with this company. Had a Brother printer issue that was a result of a June 2020 Windows Update. It just quit printing from my laptop. I contacted Simmons Computer Solutions through their website and was contacted immediately. I was asked to call them and I did. I spoke with Chris Simmons and he was very polite and courteous. Shortly thereafter, a technician called me and I gave him remote access. He was aware of the Windows Update issue and proceeded to work his magic in fixing the printing problem. He too was very polite and answered questions I had. I would highly recommend using this company and I will make them my go-to people.
Brooke Barden
Brooke Barden
We switched our firm's IT services to Simmons after having issues with our previous IT company. We were nervous about the transition, but Simmons made the switch seamless and has performed much better than our previous company. They are very responsive and always take care of any problems right away. Tyler is great to work with! I highly recommend!
Henry Cobb
Henry Cobb
Reliable and responsive.
william briscoe
william briscoe
These folks are Fantastic! They took our MacBook and fixed it within 24 hrs and the price was so very reasonable! Their integrity, professionalism, and courtesy is Excellent...Highly Recommend them!
Brent Ward
Brent Ward
Chris and his crew are top notch. Responsive, professional, and reasonable. Don't hesitate to call him.

Working with You From Start to Finish

From our first meeting, until your system is set up, the experts at Simmons have you in mind—even after the job is finished.

Our access controls services process is as follows:

  • Free consultation to understand the size of your digital security system
  • Walkthrough to understand the status of your current security setup and any additional needs
  • Discuss your operations and determine who frequents your building
  • Explore any challenges or fears you may have
  • Start to develop an access control system for you
  • Install and setup your digital security system
  • Provide a warranty and maintenance/support if needed

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of access control systems available?

There are several types of access control systems. It’s important to choose the best option for you. Some common options include:

  • Keypads: Uses PIN codes for entry, offering basic security.
  • Key cards: Uses cards or fobs for contactless entry, offering convenience and ease of management.
  • Fingerprint/Eye/Facial Scanner: Uses fingerprint, facial recognition, or other biometric data for a seal-tight security system.
  • Smartphone Access: Uses smartphones or other mobile devices for contactless entry offering convenience and increased security with an additional layer of verification.

Simmons Computer Solutions will help you choose the right access control option for you. Our experts will always build a system around you rather than pushing simply a product.

How much does an access control system cost?

Costs vary depending on the size and complexity of your system and desired features. Basic single-door systems cost less than multi-door systems with advanced features.

It’s best to talk with one of our digital security experts to determine your exact needs. Their expertise and suggestions will help give you an accurate estimate of your system’s cost.

How can I choose the right access control system for my building?

Choosing the right digital security system depends on several factors. Consider these when deciding on your system:

  • Number of doors and users: Ensure the system can fully cover your building.
  • Security level required: Choose a system that meets your security needs.
  • Budget: Determine your budget and find an affordable system.
  • Desired features: Consider features like mobile verification, ability to work with other systems, and whether or not you’ll need to expand later on.

Speaking with a security professional can help you understand your needs and choose the best access control system for your building.

Can I install an access control system myself?

It depends. While some basic systems offer DIY installation, complex systems with multiple doors and advanced features may require professional help.

Overall, it’s best to speak with a professional before doing it yourself, especially on more complicated systems. Simmons Computer Solutions handles everything from breaking down your building’s operational needs to developing and installing your system, with warranty support/maintenance included afterward. Our team makes it easy to protect your small business or school in Richmond, VA.

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