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Affordable Network and Wireless Connection Solutions for Small Businesses

Stay Connected with Reliable Network and Wireless Services

Your business runs on a strong and secure internet connection. Without it, your computers and devices can slow you down, leading to frustrated employees and lost productivity.

Partnering with a trusted network and wireless services provider gives you the infrastructure and support you need to keep your business running at peak performance.

Simmons Computer Solutions is a local provider of network and wireless services for small businesses. Our team can handle everything from setups to making sure your Wi-Fi stays strong throughout your office through ongoing support.

Your business gets the tools and support it needs to keep up with your customers’ needs.

Our Network and Wireless Services Include:

  • Network infrastructure and network switching
  • Wireless infrastructure and wireless access points
  • Wireless surveys
  • Wireless heat mapping
  • Network as-a-service (NaaS)
  • Wireless as-a-service (WaaS)

Simmons Computer Solutions offers a range of network and wireless services that can help you solve problems as well as detect or improve them. Get a network or wireless solution that’s right for you rather than a fix centered around selling a product.

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Boost Your Business with Strong Network & Wireless Solutions

Our team can handle everything from setting things up to making sure your Wi-Fi stays strong throughout your office. Think of us like your IT pit crew, keeping your business running at peak performance.

Network Infrastructure and Network Switching

Your network infrastructure is the roads or bridges that connect all of your digital assets, including cables, routers and network switches. Network switching acts as a traffic director, routing all of your information to the right devices in real time.

Having a strong network infrastructure paired with efficient network switching gives your business: 

  • Faster speeds for quick information and applications to help employee productivity
  • Improved reliability to minimize downtime and help operations run seamlessly
  • Enhanced security to protect sensitive information from outside security threats

Wireless Infrastructure and Access Points

A strong house needs a solid foundation. Your Wi-Fi network and access points are part of your foundation: wireless infrastructure. High-quality access points act as towers for your devices to be connected to the internet throughout your building.

A proper wireless infrastructure with reliable access points provides: 

  • Uninterrupted Wi-Fi to ensure employees, customers and guests have the connections they need no matter where they are in your building.
  • Increased productivity for employees when they don’t have to wait around on a signal to continue their daily tasks
  • Enhanced customer experience from being able to access information related to products and services—making informed decisions and trusting your business

Wireless Surveys and Heatmapping

Have you ever noticed areas in your office with slow or spotty Wi-Fi? Wireless surveys and heatmapping tools can help you identify troublespots so a trusted partner, such as Simmons, can develop a solution to improve your connectivity. These tools use special software to create a visual map of your Wi-Fi signal strength, revealing areas with weak coverage or congestion.

Wireless surveys and heat mapping helps you get: 

  • Target solutions to your Wi-Fi connection issues to achieve optimal coverage without wasting valuable resources
  • Improved ROI from fixing your Wi-Fi issues so you’re able to maximize the investment you’ve made in your wireless infrastructure and continue optimal operations.
  • Proactive maintenance from regular Wi-Fi surveys to reduce the downtime spent on issues that sneak up on you

Network As-A-Service and Wireless As-A-Service

Don’t have the time or expertise to manage your network or wireless services by yourself? Network As-A-Service and Wireless As-A-Service (NaaS and WaaS) is a great way to have a team of professionals on your side. SCS can provide anything from hardware and software to ongoing support.

Having a trusted NaaS and WaaS partner can simplify your life with: 

  • Reduced costs by eliminating upfront equipment purchases and ongoing IT management expenses in-house
  • Expert support from a team of IT professionals ready to help you manage and maintain your network or wireless infrastructure for optimal performance
  • Scalability either up or down as your business needs change without having to worry about in-house staffing
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Dependable Network and Wireless Services in Richmond, VA

Sierra Jade
Sierra Jade
They are amazing!
Violet M
Violet M
Most knowledgeable and reputable IT support I have ever used I definitely encorage everyone to support this local small business !!
Eva Gilliland
Eva Gilliland
Highly impressed with this company. Had a Brother printer issue that was a result of a June 2020 Windows Update. It just quit printing from my laptop. I contacted Simmons Computer Solutions through their website and was contacted immediately. I was asked to call them and I did. I spoke with Chris Simmons and he was very polite and courteous. Shortly thereafter, a technician called me and I gave him remote access. He was aware of the Windows Update issue and proceeded to work his magic in fixing the printing problem. He too was very polite and answered questions I had. I would highly recommend using this company and I will make them my go-to people.
Brooke Barden
Brooke Barden
We switched our firm's IT services to Simmons after having issues with our previous IT company. We were nervous about the transition, but Simmons made the switch seamless and has performed much better than our previous company. They are very responsive and always take care of any problems right away. Tyler is great to work with! I highly recommend!
Henry Cobb
Henry Cobb
Reliable and responsive.
william briscoe
william briscoe
These folks are Fantastic! They took our MacBook and fixed it within 24 hrs and the price was so very reasonable! Their integrity, professionalism, and courtesy is Excellent...Highly Recommend them!
Brent Ward
Brent Ward
Chris and his crew are top notch. Responsive, professional, and reasonable. Don't hesitate to call him.

Your Trusted Network and Wireless Provider

Simmons Computer Solutions keeps your needs in mind from start to finish—providing support if you need us later on too.

Our team has been providing IT support for over 20 years and continues to help small businesses improve their network or wireless infrastructure. With SCS, you get reliable assistance and solutions built around you, not a product.

Stronger connections and faster speeds for your digital operations are right around the corner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to worry about future-proofing my network infrastructure?

Absolutely! Consider solutions that can be easily scaled up by adding additional switches or upgrading to higher bandwidth cables as your business needs evolve.

Is internet service included in NaaS or WaaS packages?

No, NaaS and WaaS typically focus on network equipment and management, not internet service itself. You’ll need a separate internet service provider (ISP).

Can I conduct a wireless survey myself, or do I need a professional?

While DIY solutions exist, professional surveys with specialized tools provide more accurate readings and choose the best access point placement possible.

How can I keep my network secure from evolving cyber threats?

A reliable NaaS provider will constantly monitor your network for security and make updates to keep your defenses strong.

How much does a typical wireless heat mapping survey cost?

Costs can vary depending on the size and complexity of your business space. The experts here at Simmons Computer Solutions can give you an estimate based on your space.

What factors should I consider when choosing new access points for my business?

The number of users, desired coverage area, technological features and the latest Wi-Fi standards are all important factors to consider when selecting access points. Consulting with our network specialists can help you choose the right equipment for your needs.

Can I use WaaS in conjunction with other network services, like a dedicated internet connection?

Yes, WaaS focuses specifically on managing your Wi-Fi network. You can combine it with other services like a separate business-grade internet connection from your preferred internet service provider to create a full range of network solutions for your business.

How often should I consider upgrading my network switches?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Technological advancements and changing business needs might necessitate upgrades every 5-7 years to maintain the best performance and security features.

Is NaaS a good fit for all businesses?

NaaS isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s best to speak with our team to find out if it’s right for your business’ unique needs.

How often should I consider a wireless survey for my business?

It’s recommended to conduct wireless surveys periodically, especially after significant changes in office layout, furniture placement, or the number of Wi-Fi devices used.

What are some additional security measures I can take beyond what NaaS might offer?

Educating employees on cybersecurity best practices, like avoiding suspicious links and using strong passwords, is crucial. Additionally, consider endpoint security software to protect individual devices.

How many access points will I need for my business?

The number of access points depends on factors like the size of your office, building materials, and desired Wi-Fi coverage. A wireless survey can help determine the optimal placement.

What are some signs that my existing wireless infrastructure might be outdated?

Frequent signal drops, limited Wi-Fi range, and inability to support the growing number of devices in your office are all indications that your infrastructure might need an upgrade.

What happens if my business experiences a sudden surge in Wi-Fi usage? Can WaaS handle it?

Scalability is a major advantage of WaaS. Our team offers flexible plans that allow you to easily add more access points or upgrade your service tier to account for an increase in network demands.

How can I determine if my network infrastructure can handle the growing needs of my business?

Monitor network performance metrics like bandwidth usage and latency. If you experience frequent slowdowns or connectivity issues, it might be time to consider upgrading your network infrastructure.

Can network switches improve my Wi-Fi performance even though they don't directly connect to wireless devices?

Absolutely! Network switches play a crucial role in Wi-Fi performance by managing data traffic efficiently. By directing data flow and reducing congestion on the network, switches make for a smoother flow of information to your access points, ultimately leading to a faster and more stable Wi-Fi experience for your devices.

Reliable Network and Wireless Services for Your Small Business